• Stay in a 5 stars hotel room in a small, budget hotel.




  • What We Do

    Traveling for business or leisure within small budget, leads you to stay in small hotels, but you already know they have such a low quality of standards, their dirty bed, AC not working, sleeping receptionist and many things that drives you away from staying at this kinds of hotels.

    Onyx  Rooms

    why we are different ?

    Onyx Rooms partner with a hotels with 3 or less stars, take a number of their rooms, enhancing and upgrading those room to become a high quality with a 5 stars standards rooms and providing it for booking, Onyx rooms train the hotel staff to become a professional persons, trained to serve you in in the best possible way.


    What do we mean by standard rooms ?

    At Onyx Rooms we always provide a bed & breakfast booking, Rooms have modern furniture, Clean linens, AC, Free Wifi, TV, Coffee break facilities, and Clean Washrooms.

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  • Our Team

    Find us here: 124 Othman Ibn Afan St. Unit #33 Heliopolis, Cairo

     Photo credit: Leonardo Flaiban via Visual hunt / CC BY-ND

    Bassam Ali


    Bassam ali worked in the hotels industry realized while he was traveling and staying in many budgeted hotels that they don't provide good experience for their guests, you can book a rooms in a hotel but you don't know how the room condition will be, and to avoid this uncertainty for the traveler he started OnyX Rooms a way to provide clean and standardized rooms for all guests around all the cities in Egypt with an affordable price

    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY

    Ahmed El-Hamy


    Ahmed El-Hamy is a Co-founder with Bassam, Ahmed is an accountant, he joined our team early when we was in the idea stage.

    His great communication and accounting skills will guide us all along our journey, Ahmed joined Onyx Rooms because he believed in the idea that it will make huge difference and ease the life of a budget traveler across Egypt.

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